Why Handcrafted?


What soap is in your shower or tub? If it is a commercially made soap and not handmade, chances are it isn't soap at all! Check the label, does it say 'body bar,' 'beauty bar' or 'cleansing bar.' If it doesn't say 'soap' it is probably made with detergent and petroleum products. These are harsh and drying to your skin. Read the ingredients, you need to know what is going on your skin.

When soap is made, glycerin is a naturally formed by-product. Glycerin is a natural and gentle emollient. Most commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from their soaps and sell it seperately. We don't. (we don't even know how, or want to know how)

Our recipe has been formulated to produce a moisture rich bar of soap. We use all vegetable oils and always add Shea Butter to our soaps. We have a line of 'all natural' and 'nearly natural' soaps. Our 'nearly natural' soaps differ only in the use of fragrance oils instead of essential oils and any adding artificial coloring.

When you purchase our products you are supporting an American made small business. We are real people, making a natural alternative for your skin care. We appreciate your business!